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Tramme, pronounced tram'me or tra-may, also spelt Trame, is an old style of needlepoint which the design is laid out using horizontal long-stiched done by hand with yarn in the corresponding colors, instead of painted on the canvas. This makes it very easy to figure out what color of yarn to use VS paint/yarn combination. Then one will work the piece in a half-cross or continental stitch with the yarn provided.

We have available pre-worked designs, where the design is completely finished and someone would finish the background with the color of yarn of their choice.

Special Orders are available where the designs and the background arecompletely finished to the customers color of choice and ready to be finished, from pillows to chairs to wall hangings.

The photo to the side shows a portion of an unfinished tramme canvas, with the next photo showing how the yarn is stitched. Each kit comes complete with all yarn to finish the design only. The background yarn will be purchased by the customer at a later date depending on the background color they desire. For some of the more detailed pieces, such as faces etc are already stitched in petit-point.

First, choose the corresponding color of yarn, then start stiching from left to right or from right to left over the corresponding color. If the same color is required on another line, stitch in the reverse direction. After a few stitches, you will get the hang of it. Remember, if you make a mistake, take out that strand of yarn.

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